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Dallas Cowboys Artwork

Troy Aikman Painting

Dallas Cowboys Artwork

Emmitt Smith Painting

Roger Staubach Portrait

Roger Staubach Portrait

Dallas Cowboys Artwork Details

These mixed media Dallas Cowboys artwork depict NFL football legends Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. They're loaded with loose brushwork and hints of carefree scribble that all seem to land in the perfect spot. Football paintings are probably my favorite subject and I'm slowly getting a following of collectors that appreciate the art as much as I enjoy painting it.

Although I'm a die-hard St. Louis Rams fan I still appreciate the old school legends like Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys. So, no bias when it comes to painting. I will do some Rams legends too but not sure there is a big market out there for them like the Cowboys.

These paintings would be lovely in the man-cave, or perhaps an office of any Dallas Cowboys fanatic.

I’ve been a diehard football fan since childhood. Football themed paintings always seem to appear in my work when the season kicks in.
— Robert Joyner
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