Developing Your Style

Developing your own style is challenging

Most painters would agree, beginners and experienced, that this is probably the most hair pulling aspect of becoming an artist. It's one thing to simply paint as a hobby, you know the occasional gift maker, but totally different for a serious and aspiring artist. This article will focus on one tip that will help anyone develop a unique style but few will actually put in the time to make it happen. Why? Because few have the patience and fortitude. They simply want to paint finished art that satisfies their ego.

One Tip That Will Help You Develop A Unique Style

Paint less!

Sounds counterintuitive but hear me out. When I say paint less I'm referring to trying to create a finished piece of art. Instead one should focus of doodling like a child without a care and a new set of crayons. Why? Because when the majority of adults paint they revert to what they know. In this mood set taking risks and painting with freedom doesn't happen. So they hunker down to a safe place and paint. The problem here is there isn't any creativity happening.

The solution is to paint in an experimental state of mind. When you are simply doodling you let go of what you know and start to take risks with your mediums and subjects. When you are not painting a finished piece it's easier to focus on being more creative thus interpreting your subjects in ways you wouldn't ordinarily try.

Below you will see a few examples of doodling

This is what keeps me loose, helps me connect to my subjects and medium, and allows me the freedom to paint expressively when it's time to create a finished piece. Without doodling I can honestly say my art wouldn't be the same. This is just a very small sample - my shelves are stacked with these and my walls are covered too.

I find it interesting that my finished pieces are neatly stored - out of sight. But my doodles are hanging in the studio like finished works of art. I would rather look at these than my finished work. Interesting.


By putting myself in a position to play and experiment I can easily find freedom to explore colors, line and other aspects of creativity. Painting finished work is inhibiting so I dedicate a only a very small portion of my studio time to this.

Hope you enjoyed the tip and that it inspires you to doodle more and paint less.