Diet Coke Still Life Painting

diet coke still life painting

Diet Coke Still Life Painting Details

This piece is inspired from a photo a collector sent me several months ago and depicts a Diet Coke Still Life Painting. It was a commission project and I ended up enjoying the arrangement so much that I actually painted two of them. The original painting was a gift for his wife and it is now proudly displayed on their wall. His wife loves diet coke, so the commission goal was to create a still life painting with diet coke.

Even though this piece wasn't selected, I still like it a lot and thought I would share it with you.

The Details

It's painted on archival paper using a mixed media combination of heavy-body acrylic paint, inks and a touch of crayon that actually hides beneath the top layers, and measures 20" x 20".

Still LifeRobert Joyner