Discover Endless Possibilities For Subject Matter

Discover Endless Possibilities For Subject Matter

The Sky's The Limit - Fuel Your Subject Matter

I will share one of my favorite tools to fuel subject matter and many tips on how to use it for your creativity. If your life is busy like mine it's difficult to find time to travel and explore areas that inspire you. Or, perhaps you have visited somewhere special on vacation, or business, but wished you had taken more photos to bring back to the studio. In any case this tool will open you up to a world of endless possibilities & help inspire your creative sessions.

What You Need To Know

Using Google Street Maps is an excellent resource to explore, and discover subjects. To access simply visit > type in a location > Enter > Maps > and then click the 'person' icon on the bottom right. Now you will only need to zoom in and then click on the desired street. It needs to be highlighted in blue. The blue indicates where the Google Map car has tracked & mapped.

A few points I want to make in the video;

  • Start with areas you know - this will help you become more familiar with navigation
  • Be sure to follow the steps used in the demo - Find your area, Zoom in, Click the 'Person' icon, & click on blue line (this is where the Google street car has indexed)
  • If you do not see the blue line than the street isn't indexed and the process will not work
  • I always recommend using the image(s) as a means to inspire art but avoid copying exactly what I see; be creative
  • Hope you enjoyed the tip & have fun exploring Google Street Maps. Please share with your fellow artists.

Here are a few paintings created with this technique.

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