Expressive Rooster Paintings

Enjoy some new expressive rooster paintings

I've been wanting to paint some roosters for quite some time. It's one of those subjects that I'm still connecting to and consider them in the early stages of development although they're not too shabby at this stage.

As with any subject it takes a lot of time and patience to get them to a state where I feel my style starts to become the center of attention while the bird takes a back seat. Probably sounds a bit odd but that's typically what I strive for in my work. Subjects don't mean a whole lot and just give me a reason to paint. However, I do have to have that connection and interest in a subject in order for it to last for a long enough time that I finally have my way with it. 

Cows are by far the subject I've been able to exploit the most but do feel the portraits are starting to make a strong run as of late. Roosters, well they're a work in progress but I'm satisfied with this new batch.

RoostersRobert Joyner