Figure Painting Class - Men At Work

Figure Painting Class - Men At Work

Figure Painting Class - Men At Work

Figure Painting Class With Acrylics

If you enjoy painting figures in their natural environment you will love the new class. I will share many tips & techniques on how I paint people using acrylics with a good dose of creativity. The lessons are supported with hi-def video demonstrations where you will see an uncut version from my process - start to finish.

Here are the main steps I cover:

Connect - This is where I hit the street and gather my resources. Included are videos where I create quick sketches and cover thoughts on backgrounds and more.

Compose - I take all the references from my previous step and experiment. This time allows me to select the figures that interest me the most which increases my chances of success at the easel. I doodle & play with images and video footage until I have made my connections.

Create - I will then paint a finished painting from start to finish. To do this I will implement the 5 Stages Of A Painting using acrylics & Compressed charcoal.

Note: This is the free version. If you would like access to the Premium Video Tutorial Version it's available via SkillShare

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