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Fine Art Critiques

Fine Art Critiques Now Available On SkillShare

Fine Art Critiques Now Available On SkillShare

Fine Art Critiques

In this class you will discover a collection of fine art critiques designed to help you create better art. Each critique includes a detailed breakdown of what is going well and more importantly, how the artist can improve to take it to a higher level. To convey my thoughts I will alter the artwork digitally to show how it can be improved. Then you will see a before and after to compare the two versions. 

Here's the awesome part

If you sign up for the class you too can have your work critiqued. This service would normally cost a lot of money but you can easily do it affordably by signing up below.

How To Sign Up

This class is only available via SkillShare. Get a premium Skillshare membership for 30 days for only 99¢. This gives you access to this class plus over 30 others (with plenty more on the way) that are currently available. In addition to my classes you can access all premium SkillShare classes by other amazing creatives. An incredible offer!

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