Free Art Tip For Creating Dynamic Drawings


Want Expressive, Emotional & Interesting Artwork? Then Have A Look At This Free Art Tip For Creating Dynamic Drawings

In this Free Art Tip For Creating Dynamic Drawings and sketches you will see how one technique can instantly improve your work. The video demonstration and tutorial explains how you can make an instant improvement to your artwork by simply understanding the results of pressure. Now I'm referring to the pressure applied into your surface. This simple drawing technique has a dramatic effect with your viewer and offers balance to the overall feel of the art.

Applying Pressure Conveys Energy, Confidence and Emotion.

If you draw with the same intensity, or pressure, than the artwork has a flat appearance. Everything looks and feels the same. When you start to apply a variety of strokes while varying the pressure the results are more interesting and offers the viewer a range of lines. It's this variety and range of lines that creates balance and harmony. It has a better chance of connecting to the viewer versus a drawing that's created without a variety of strokes.

Below Is My Image From The Video

Notice the difference? One has a flat look while the drawing on the right as more range of lines. It's this range that gives the sketch more appeal. Granted it's a quick sketch and only for demonstration purposes. One could use this techniques on more detailed drawings as well.


This free drawing tip can be applied to sketching and more refined drawing as well. But did you know you can use this while painting too? Oh yes, it works perfectly when applying paint as well. Pack some energy into your artwork by applying pressure with your next drawing.

Have fun exploring this technique and hope it improves your sketches, drawings and art in general.

Thanks for having a look and happy painting to you.