Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration


Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration

This Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration lesson will strengthen your vision for understanding how to use good Value and Tone painting fundamentals.

What You Need To Know

Grayscale Version Overview

  • I created a grayscale sketch being sure to keep the values in the right place. So, keeping the distant building and other elements in the mid-one value area and adding more intensity to the foreground details by using contrast and lighter lights with darker darks.
  • Also note how you can warm the grays by adding warmer colors such as yellow ochre. Conversely you can add cooler colors to make the objects appear more distant such as Ultramarine blue.
Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration - Grayscale

Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration - Grayscale

Color Version Overview

  • In this illustration I created the cityscape keeping value in mind. Basically using complimentary, and grays, to shift hue intensities.
  • Note how shifting colors make the painting more believable even though it's painted loosely.
Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration - Color

Get To Work

  • I recommend you spend time exploring by sketching a similar study.
  • Be sure to experiment with complimentary colors and grays to tone down the value and intensity of colors as the move away from the viewer.
  • Note: Typically I invest at least one day every two weeks to sketching and improving value and tone skills. This keeps my skills sharp and an upward trajectory.
Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration

Grayscale Versus Color Demonstration


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