Horse Painting

Horse painting

Horse Painting Details

Colorful and abstract horse painting on archival paper, measures 11" x 15". Depicts a horse head profile composition with rich deep browns, yellows and creamy whites.

Artist Notes

I don't often use intense yellow. It's a color that my eyes have a hard time adjusting to and I haven't quite figured out how to use it in a way that makes me comfortable. I typically try to use blue when incorporating yellow so it has a contrast, but I decided this time to go with a more subtle approach by using creamy whites. The result really calmed the yellow down and the white helped to mask the intensity so it doesn't scream at you. This is exactly what I needed and searching for and plan to use it to my advantage in future works.

My favorite part of this piece is probably the lines that were added when I scratched into the thick wet paint. It's a technique I use all the time to add linear interest and to define an edge. The challenge when using this technique is to not go too far but to do enough to make an impact. A delicate balance but when it's done well it certainly enhances the work.

HorsesRobert Joyner