How To Add Confident Expressive Drawing To Your Art

How To Add Confident Expressive Drawing To Your Art

How to Add Confident Expressive Drawing To Your Art

In this How to Add Confident Expressive Drawing To Your Art lesson you will discover how to add more abstract qualities to your paintings. The mediums include compressed charcoal and heavy body acrylics. But, it's really the mind set that I want to focus on. The attitude! To illustrate there are two examples; 'Too timid' and 'Go for it'.

What You Need To Know

Being Too Timid

  • Being timid is typically due to lack of experience & confidence.
  • The result(s) of timid strokes is it conveys a cautious look to your drawing & ultimately just adds clutter to the painting.
  • Timid strokes do not grab the viewers attention & add any aesthetic value to the art. So, the art would have been better off without it.
  • Notice that I'm not drawing with the 'coloring book' problem but simply not adding any range of pressure into the surface. Thus no excitement in the lines & drawing.

Go For It Notes

  • Note how I'm using a range of pressure & handling the charcoal with confidence. There is a mixture of light & heavy pressure into the surface. You can learn more about applying pressure here.
  • The lines flow freely and have a distinct role to play. They are prominent but not totally screaming at the viewer.
  • It adds movement to the overall appearance of the art.
  • Remember it takes time to develop a comfort level for using drawing in your painting process.
  • Be sure that you don't go too heavy, or over-draw. This will result in shouting at the viewer and basically become a detraction for the art.

Moving Forward

Don't ever stop practicing drawing with your painting. There are many levels to merging drawing into your paintings and the more time you spend mastering this technique the better you become. You can never stop learning and developing your drawing so long as you have the right attitude & work diligently.

A good tip is to use reject and unfinished paintings that are sitting around. This is a great way to develop your drawing skills.

Demonstration Images

Timid demo image

Go for it image

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