How To Become A Better Artist

How to become a better artist
How to become a better artist

Tips on becoming a better artist

My advice on how to become a better artist is to paint less and doodle more. That simple. Fortunately I discovered this early in my art career. Having to constantly create a masterpiece all the time was a struggle. I rarely enjoyed my time at the easel and was often disappointed with the results.

The transition to doodling happened as a way of avoiding the letdowns. I was almost procrastinating to paint as I simply played and experimented with my mediums. This lasted several weeks until I finally took the time to look at what I had done with the doodles. They were stacked on a shelf at the time so I took them out and started flipping through them. It was at this moment that I realized I loved what I was looking at. There was so much freedom and playfulness in the sketches. It was exactly how I wanted my finished paintings to look - carefree, expressive and fun.

What I discovered

I had finally cracked the code! The heck with painting - it was time to play. To make this even better I came up with more exercises and techniques to allow me the opportunity to experiment more with my subjects. It's here in this playful state of mind that I find my creative juices and more ways to expressive my subjects.

Most artists rarely take the time to do this. Instead they go right for a finished painting without allowing themselves an opportunity to learn and experiment. And making matters worse they try to reproduce another artists style which is a sure recipe for failure. Inside there is an artist waiting to blossom and you just need to be patient and allow it time to develop.

Advice for you

My advice to every artist is to spend quality time sketching and experimenting with colors, brushstrokes and mixing mediums to find what appeals to you. I recommend using inexpensive watercolor paper and doodle away. You should have hundreds of sheets available at all times. Tape your experiments on the walls of your creative space so you can view them. Actually, cover your walls with these doodles so you can start to appreciate the results.

In a very short time you will see the change in your art - it becomes more personal and less inhibited. You will start to discover the truth in your art.

Robert Joyner