How to Quickly Improve Your Acrylic Paintings - Three Tips For Beginners


How to Quickly Improve Your Acrylic Paintings

Three free lessons on how to quickly improve your acrylic paintings. These tips are a must have for beginner and intermediate artists. Your will learn:

  1. The two properties of acrylics
  2. Why your paintings/colors are muddy
  3. Mind your water - avoid this very common mistake

Apply these basic acrylic painting practices to your art routine and watch your paintings improve dramatically.

What You Need To Know

  1. Use thick paint to achieve opaque layers.
  2. Dilute acrylics with water to create transparent layers.
  3. This is important to understand because using opaque and transparent qualities in your work will help you allow your layers to work harmoniously. In some cases you may desire a thick, or undiluted layer to achieve a strong edge. In other cases you may want to opt for a transparent layer so that you can allow the layers, and strokes beneath it to be slightly visible.
  4. Avoid overpainting. If you do not like what you just painted, just wait! It will dry quickly and you can then add a layer over it.
  5. Dirty water will contaminate your colors. Muddy art is often a result of overpainting, and dirty water.

Demo Images

Two Basic Acrylic Qualities

 Avoid overpainting.

Avoid overpainting.