Huge Interior Still Life Painting

Huge Interior Still Life Painting

Huge Canvas Abstract Style Interior Still Life Painting

If you appreciate interior still life paintings than I think you'll love this abstract style piece that's painted on a huge 48x36 inch canvas. I used heavy body acrylics, inks and a little compressed charcoal as the medium. As you may have guessed it was painted over a reject and I can't honestly remember what it was. Guess it doesn't matter now since this one is a keeper.

I absolutely love this subject. There are so many interesting details and shapes to connect with that it's impossible not to get excited about them. The shapes are pretty basic too which allows me some room to explore my technique & brushwork. Unlike portraits where there's only a little wiggle room interiors are the complete opposite.

The key for my to pull this off is to omit a lot of details which would clutter the work. And more importantly, to include just enough info that there's plenty of substance for the viewer to connect to.

I did several other interior inspired artworks if you care to have a look. Some of these are on paper while the other is a smaller size canvas.

Still LifeRobert Joyner