Interior Still Life Artwork

Interior Still Life artwork

Interior Still Life Artwork Details

In 2013 I had the privilege of staying at a cozy B&B in beautiful Southport, North Carolina. As I was there I became intrigued by the vintage decor and decided I wanted to take a shot and creating some interior still life artwork. I felt the subject fit into my wheelhouse. I envisioned how my style could add an extra dimension to the 'still' elements and make them move in a rhythmical way. That's when art becomes interesting - when there's contrast. To add movement to something that's ordinarily a stationary object seemed cool. A new subject was born.

This interior still life painting is created with mixed media on paper, measures 22" x 30". I've spent hours viewing the piece and absolutely love the abstract qualities that continue to appear from the loose brushwork and arbitrary color combinations. It's one of those paintings that keeps on giving.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the new art and found it interesting.

Still LifeRobert Joyner