Interior Still Life Painting

Interior Still Life painting

Interior Still Life Painting Details

Original mixed media interior still life painting, measures 30" x 22" and is painted on archival paper. This loose and playful depiction of interior decor is inspired from time spent at Lois Jane's B&B in Southport, North Carolina. I was there while teaching a 3 day workshop at Franklin Square Gallery.

Artist Notes

I did make several changes and additions to the painting that were not there in real life. So I basically used the image as a means to get going and changed it while I was slinging paint. this happens quite often and I think it's important for artists to use their 'license' as often as possible. After all, this is what makes painting so much fun. To get inspired and then change it according to our tastes, emotions and energy. The painting is jammed with abstract qualities and loose crayon scribbles that all seem to harmonize like the BeeGees.

Interiors are a new subject for me and has added a little excitement in the studio. It started in mid-March when he visited a B&B in Southport, North Carolina. After taking some pictures he started sketching upon returning to the studio. The interior inspired paintings are starting to pile up and we are excited to be releasing them for sale very soon.

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