Introduction To Value Lesson


Introduction To Value Lesson

This introduction to value lesson will explain why understanding grayscale is so important to your artwork. Without this knowledge I do feel your art will suffer and lack believability. With it the sky's the limit. I get a lot of comments about my art and how I get away with painting so freely. But I promise you there's a lot of basic fundamentals that go on many don't see. And value & tone is certainly one of them.

To create your own grayscale I suggest using titanium white & mars black (feel free to use what ever black you prefer). Do this on the back of a reject painting. No need to waste perfectly good paper, or canvas.

What You Are Seeing In The Image

Note that there are two ranges of grayscale being demonstration image, Example one & Example two. Notice how both change in value from light to dark. One example has a lighter light and a darker dark. This creates more contrast which as a more dramatic look when compared to the 'subtle' range example. In Example Two the results are very subtle because the change in value isn't as extreme.

What You Need To Know

Values are important because they are what make our subjects have shape, dimension, depth and impact. Every style artist needs to use value in their art in order for the viewer to better understand the work, what impact & feel they want to convey, and the overall believability. It makes your subjects identifiable and will ultimately help you paint much more expressive artwork, or create a very quiet painting.

Introduction To Value Lesson

Get To Work

Create some Value scale ranges as seen in the demo image using Titanium white & Mars black. Feel free to sub Mars black for any dark hue. The key is to take action. Once you have created two entirely different scales take time to observe how they impact you. This is key to taking hold of your paintings and will elevate you to new heights as you move forward.


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