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Large Abstract Holstein Cow Painting

Large Abstract Holstein Cow Painting

Large Abstract Holstein Cow Painting

This large Holstein abstract cow painting work depicts a lone Holstein looking directly at the viewer. Kind of the classic scene you would see when someone approaches a cow farm and the herd comes over to see what's up. It's created with mixed media on archival paper, and measures 22" x 30". Loose, colorful and painterly style cow painting. The medium is heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon on 140 lb. Cold Press paper.

Artist Notes

When I'm in a rut, or need something to get the juices going, I always turn to my favorite subject to paint - cows! That's pretty much what happened when I started this piece. Although I can't say a rut was the feeling, it was more like I just wanted to sling some paint and get into a creative state of mind. When I paint cows I can usually push the abstract qualities a little more than other subjects. So this piece basically got me in a loose painterly zone and it set the tone for the next few days.

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