Large Abstract Horse Painting

Large Abstract Horse Painting

Large Abstract Horse Painting Details

This large abstract horse painting features some of my best work as of late. There are many aspects of the painting I like but my favorite by far is the palette. Love the earthy browns, smokey grays, and the pop of intense blue and red. It's a unique combination for me which is possible since I recently purchased a handful of new colors. When I teach Workshops I always stress how important it is to explore colors often and never 'settle' on the same palette all the time.

Other features that excite me are the scribbles of compressed charcoal and colored pencils. They really add to the looseness of the horses and actually help hold them together. Without if I think the horses would fall apart.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.

Color is a huge inspiration for me and one of the reasons I paint in the first place.
— Robert Joyner
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