Large Abstract Style Cow Painting

Large Abstract Style Cow Painting

Large Abstract Style Cow Painting Details

Mixed media abstract style cow painting depicting several brown and white cows looking curiously at the viewer. It's painted with heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon on 140 lb. archival paper, measures 22" x 30".

The beauty of this piece is the subtle touches of red, yellow and orange. There are times when something like this makes all the difference in the success of a painting. It can make mediocre artwork into an exciting work of art. It the great thing is it was a complete accident. The red as well as the yellows and oranges are part of the underpainting. And the underpainting is actually just left over paint that happened to be on my palette when it was time to go. Instead of discarding it I grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and pressed it into the colors.

The key is to recognize these subtle gems as I'm working and to allow them to shine. This is the reason I work in layers and allow each one to dry before I add others.

Hope you enjoyed the new cow art and thanks for stopping by.

CowsRobert Joyner