Large Canvas Abstract Cow Painting

Large Canvas Abstract Cow Painting

Large Canvas Abstract Cow Painting Details

This Large Canvas Abstract Cow Painting depicts a Hereford breed that's created with a vibrant palette of earthy browns and shades of golden yellow. Mixed media combination of acrylics, inks and oil pastel on 40" x 30" canvas.

This piece was created for a collector in Florida that commissioned me to create a large piece based on prior works. That can sometimes be a challenge since my work changes all the time. The prerequisites were the palette of yellows and browns, and "not too abstract". Seemed doable until I started painting. I realized quickly that my art was in a different place and certainly not in a 'tight' mode. So I went back and forth for several months until I found that area of my art. I guess being patient paid off but I have to admit it was a struggle.

If you've followed my work for a while you may have noticed that I'm not one to settle into ruts. I never want my body of work to be consistent. Doing this would become stale in my opinion and stifle the natural progression. I know many who disagree and that's okay by me. It's up to each artist to find their way and when you do stick to it :)

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