Large Cityscape Artwork

Large Cityscape Artwork

Large Cityscape Artwork Details

This large cityscape artwork depicts several storefronts painted in a colorful palette, loose and energetic brushwork, and loaded with abstract qualities. It's painted on gallery wrap stretched canvas with a mixed media combination of acrylics, inks and crayon. The composition is inspired from several images of storefronts that are located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. But it's painted so loosely they could honestly be just about anywhere!

Artist Notes

So I went big and on canvas. If you've followed my work for a while you know canvas isn't my desired surface but I do occasionally go to it when I feel I need a change of pace. I desired to go large and I didn't have any large paper to work with, so I grabbed a canvas and went to work.

It was painted over a reject which really lends a hand in adding a lot of the arbitrary colors and abstract qualities. And it came together in one session which is rare too, but hey, I'll take it! I tend to work a lot of paintings at one time and add a little bit to them here and there until they're finished, or rejected. However, it's not uncommon when a piece comes together at once either, and in this case it was because I had the underpainting (the reject), to add the base. I simply picked bits and pieces of the buildings and added it over the existing paint and an hour later it was done. From there I decided I needed a well deserved break and made myself a PBY and BBQ chips.

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