Large Contemporary Cow Painting

Large Contemporary Cow Painting

Large Contemporary Cow Painting Details

This Large Contemporary Cow Painting depicts several Holstein cows curiously looking at the viewer (you). Typical scenery if you've ever visited a cow farm and approached the fence for a closer look. The art is created with a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon on archival paper, and measures 18" x 30".

Cows are one of those subjects that blend well with my style of painting. It's like finding that perfect shirt or pair of jeans that fit perfectly. That's how i felt when I first started painting cows- It was a harmonious match. I don't feel this way about all subjects which is why I tend to explore as many themes as possible in hopes to find more perfect fits like cows.

That about covers it. Thanks for checking in and hope you enjoyed the new painting.

CowsRobert Joyner