Large Football Painting

Large Football Painting Green Bay Packers

Large Football Painting Details

This large football painting has all the necessary ingredients of a winner and is baked to perfection. It depicts the Green Bay Packers quarterback and the o-line and inspired from the love of football. I used mixed media on a full sheet of paper that measures 30" x 22". The medium is a combination of acrylic paint, inks and crayon. You can view the Materials page if you would like exact information and links to the products I use.

Artist Notes

The painting teeters on abstract and representational which is what I tend to do best. It gives you enough information to realize it's all about football, but is saturated in loose brushwork and playful color choices that allow the viewer to use their imagination to discover an unlimited number of possibilities.

Some paintings set the mark for others to live up to. That’s exactly what this painting symbolizes. A new level of art. It’s refreshing to know I haven’t become complacent or plateaued.-Robert Joyner.

FootballRobert Joyner