Large Horse Painting

large horse painting

Large Horse Painting Details

This large horse painting was created with acrylic spray paint ( my new toy in the studio ), inks, color pencils and heavy body acrylic paint on archival paper, and measures 22" x 30". The carefree style and loose medium application really lends itself to horses running wild and free. A happy marriage I'd say!

Artist Notes

Any-who, I've been making so many video tutorials lately, well for the past two months, and I finally decided to give it a rest and focus on creating some art. It's been a fabulous week of slinging paint and well, spraying paint too. I purchased some acrylic spray paint several weeks ago and decided it was time to give it a go. And I gotta' say it's been a blast! I love it when the inspiration is medium - the best of all in my opinion. I've never really cared for subjects as much as I do color, applying paint and just being creative in general.

HorsesRobert Joyner