Large Horse Portrait

large horse portrait

Large Horse Portrait Details

This large horse portrait measures 30" x 22" and is painted on archival paper with a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics and inks. Much of the paint was recycled - I save all the paint on my palette and will often scape it into a jar. Over time this paint will mix and the results will be an overall gray tone but with pockets of arbitrary colors. So I dipped my brush directly into the jar and started painting which allowed for some random color combinations. Anytime I can make the session into an unpredictable one it's a 'good thing'.

I also used some Mars black for the shaded areas which is a break from the norm. I've been toting around that jar for years and rarely use it. Maybe I'll use it more often now that I see the results can be intense so long as I don't overindulge.

HorsesRobert Joyner