Large NFL Painting

large NFL painting

Large NFL Painting Details

This large NFL Painting depicts Oakland Raiders legend Fred Biletnikoff. It's painted with mixed media on canvas and measures 60" x 48". The medium is heavy body acrylics and inks. Being a huge football fan and combining that with the style of art I do and you have a recipe for exciting artwork. The difficult or challenging aspect of this subject is finding the collectors, or fans, that are willing to pay up for original football art. I find this crowd loves memorabilia like jerseys, pennants and stuff but not original art. I'll have to submit some art to the NFL or team owner executives at some point and maybe they will decorate their office with football art. Always something to do...

Sometimes I get the hungry for painting in the studio and nothing will satisfy me more than creating a large canvas painting. It's the time I break out the large house brushes and start slinging paint like a mad man. Fun stuff. Hope you enjoyed the football art and thanks for stopping by.

FootballRobert Joyner