Lobstermen - A Diamond In The Rough

 Lobstermen, 13h x 15w inches, a/p

Lobstermen, 13h x 15w inches, a/p

Why I Never Throw Away Inferior Art

This painting titled 'lobstermen' was rescued from the depths of the reject pile. While many others discard their inferior works my philosophy is put it aside and see how I feel about it later on. As the pile grows the rejects tend to get buried so deep, and for so long, that I don't see them again for months, even years. And that's what makes this process interesting because when I dig deep in the pile I discover beauty in works that were cast aside for whatever reason. 

Discovering The Gems

'Lobstermen' is a prime example of discovering a diamond in the rough. When I'm bored, or just want to see what paintings were tossed in the pile I will look through them. Revisiting these paintings allows me the opportunity to see if I can spot potential, or some sort of artistic quality that I wasn't ready for at that particular time. I remember making that decision with 'lobstermen' very well. It had turned out so different from what I had in mind that I became frustrated and decided to toss it aside. Yet a year later when I saw it again my immediate reaction was 'what was I thinking?'. This is a winner!

Why This Happens

Many times I find myself frustrated because the art simply didn't satisfy my vision at the time. But in reality I just didn't see the potential because I wasn't ready to accept the quality of what I had done. It was so far off track of the norm that I just couldn't see that the art was pure. and honest. And here's the thing - it's a breakthrough. It's one of those studio moments where being naive actually got in the way of progress. These moments are reminders of why I love to paint! 

Here's The Thing

You see, I cringe when my art becomes predictable, or complacent. Yet my first instinct is to reject anything that isn't what I've trained my eyes to see. That's being complacent. But it's difficult to not judge my art in this way because my eyes are trained to see a certain quality. So discovering 'lobstermen' is a perfect example of why I never throw art away because there's some hidden lesson, or breakthrough, right there looking at me. But my vision and expectations just needed some time in order to see & accept those changes. Here's the thing, when I'm digging through the reject pile my brain is relaxed and simply takes in the art in a less judgmental state of mind. This is a much better time to see the expression without getting hung up on the expectations. Hope that makes sense.

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