Maine Landscape

Abstract Maine landscape painting

Maine Landscape With Acrylics & Crayon

Thought I would share a new Maine landscape painting that depicts a scene in Stonington with several buildings, cars & pedestrians. The artwork is created with acrylics & crayon on archival paper, measures 22H x 30W inches. It's inspired from a photo reference that was taken while on vacation several years ago (see below).

What interested me the most was the white house with the red rooftop. For what ever reason I have always enjoyed painting white homes & buildings and this one is right in my wheelhouse.

How It Was Created

This piece developed over a few months. After starting the piece with the first layer I became distracted with some other projects in the studio and put it aside. After several weeks it became buried in the pile of ongoing paintings and I forgot about it.

Eventually I caught up with the to-do projects and re-discovered the painting. I was actually more inspired at this moment than before so, I put it up on the easel and started adding layers.

I have to say that I was either frustrated with the results, or I had some pinned up energy so I took it out on the painting by adding some intense crayon strokes. I then realized how tight my process had become from not practicing & doodling enough. I had spent so much time with other projects that my work had become stiff. Applying crayon in this manner was exactly what I needed and I think the painting captures that emotion as well as my attraction to the white house and red roof.

Here is the image that inspired the painting.

Inspiration Image