Maine Lobster Boats

Maine Lobster Boats Painting

Maine Lobster Boats Details

This piece was painted in plein air a few years back while vacationing in Stonington, Maine. Created with acrylics and inks on archival paper. Captures several Maine lobster boats, Measures 15" x 22" and loaded with exciting brushwork and a palette of dark blue, black, ocean greens, yellow and off-white. It depicts several lobster boats but I decided to put the focus on the black boat in the foreground. This helped create a little depth in the seascape painting and allowed me to make the others boats more nondescript.

Maine has been the focus of many paintings. I documented this on my last website but unfortunately most of that information was lost when the site crashed and I didn't have a back-up. So my focus in the next few months is to repost these works so that you can have a better idea of previous paintings and subjects that captured my interest.

Look for more Maine inspired paintings soon.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.

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