Maine Seascape Painting

maine seascape painting

Maine Seascape Painting Details

Thought I would highlight one of my favorite Maine seascape painting (s) to date. It's inspired from a vacation I took a few years ago to Little Deer Island where we stayed in beautiful Stonington, Maine. I spent quite a bit of time painting and taking photos. This particular piece illustrates how one could drive back into the town ( away from the coast ) where the elevation rises very quickly. Once I was up there I found a great vantage point of the homes and harbor and set up shop for a quick plein air session. While my paintings didn't turn out great they did get me fired up about this view. So I took some of the images and created this seascape, or perhaps it could be a landscape painting.

When I view this piece it takes me right back to that moment when I was looking over the harbor, the smell of sea salt, sounds of gulls and a distant lighthouse horn that echoed throughout the day. It's framed and hanging in my home right now and I never get tired of looking at it. Great stuff.

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