Maine Watercolor Landscape Painting

Maine Watercolor Landscape Painting

Maine Watercolor Landscape Painting Details

Original and colorful Maine watercolor landscape painting that depicts a scene in Stonington. It captures a cluster of coastal homes with a touch of the harbor in the foreground. It was painted in plein air and has a loose and airy feel with all the lovely transparent qualities one would expect from a watercolor painting. The watercolor measures 15" x 22" and painted on cold press archival paper.

Artist Notes

This is an older watercolor that I thought was worthy of being added to the post archive. My website crashed several years ago and many of the older posts were lost. So I'm slowly adding some of the noteworthy pieces back as a way of documenting my art career, and also to give you a sense on how my art has evolved. When this piece was painted I was primarily working with watercolor as opposed to acrylics. However, the loose brushwork is still there as well as taking liberties with color choices. I do think I've expanded on both of those since then but it is interesting to me that the core of my natural creative instincts, which is painting loose IMO, are obvious even at an early stage. This piece was painted in 2009 which isn't that long ago, but still early considering my professional career started about that time.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the Maine watercolor and the short walk back in time. I'm certainly glad the painting is now a part of the new website, and yes, I am making good back-ups of my website now so if that ever happens again I'm good.

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