Master The Basic Forms



In this lesson you will learn to Master The Basic Forms using titanium white & mars black.  This is all part of understanding Value & Tone; a basic painting foundation. To follow along I recommend starting with a pre-mixed value that represents a mid-tone, or starting point. This hue will be your starting point, or base color. From this hue you will simply add white or black to the mixture according to the Value you want to create.

Why is this important? Because the forms you see here make up the majority of shapes in objects & nature. By adding a sense of light and shadow using black and white values the objects, or forms, will take on a three dimensional look. As you become more proficient at the forms your paintings will dramatically improve.

Master The Basic Forms


  1. I highly recommend you create a series of shapes as I did in the basic forms illustration. Just looking at what I’ve done will not give you the physical skills, or experience needed to make these shapes three dimensional. It’s up to you to take action.
  2. Keep in mind I am painting loose even-though this is a very classic training technique. So, I’m not including all the blending, reflected light and other details that many representational artists may need. When painting expressively it’s about getting an impression of the objects/subjects and not getting lost in detail. You can decide the style you want to convey and apply details and technique accordingly.

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