Master Your Artistry - The Ultimate Artist Guide


Master Your Artistry - The Ultimate Artist Guide

Master Your Artistry is the ultimate artist guide for understanding the complexities, and subtleties of being creative. It's an in-depth course where you will discover many tips on how to maximize your creative journey by becoming more aware of the learning process.

From my own experience and teaching others I have noticed many habits, good and bad, that can be healthy and detrimental to learning. To become better at anything we need to learn and having the right plan will get you there faster.

The lessons you discover in this course will simplify the learning curve thus allowing you to focus on what's important - technique!

Who is this course for?

Great for beginner and advanced artists. If you take this course it's because you know that there are no shortcuts. You want a plan that will create a healthy learning environment.

What they're saying

This is such great information. Never had learning to paint presented like this before. Makes so much sense. Thank You!
— S. Voitier
The Art Chart and Robert’s commentary on it are invaluable. He speaks of “contraction and regression periods” which encourages the learner to realize that these are necessary for growth as an artist - the dips are just as valuable as the spikes.
— Gloria Hamilten
Robert, you are just what I need. I studied drawing and painting at a fine art school in L.A. When I began, I wanted to paint in the old master’s tradition. Later on, I wanted to loosen up, but after working in a tight, precise manner, I couldn’t let go. Now I know how to do it. I’ve been looking for you for 20 years.
— Brenda Reeves

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