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Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics


Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics

In this lesson I will address a few issues when using charcoal with acrylics. I know this is a common problem for many so this video will help you have a better relationship when mixing these mediums.

In the demo I create two versions so that you have a good visual on how one uses charcoal. In one example I make all the mistakes that typically happens when artists start to mix charcoal & acrylics. In example two I demonstrate a more relaxed approach by understanding how I can eliminate muddy art by being patient and using better techniques.

A few points to remember:

  1. When you use charcoal you have to know it's extremely messy. 
  2. To control it use better brush handling skills by simply cleaning/rinsing it when you apply a stroke into it.
  3. Avoid applying more than a stroke, or two, to your art without cleaning.
  4. When you do not rinse/clean the charcoal off your brush before mixing on your palette you risk contaminating everything - Not Good!

Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics