Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics Lesson


Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics Lesson

This lesson will demonstrate how acrylics and charcoal mingle. The two basic methods discussed will help you understand how charcoal will mix with acrylics in dry and wet conditions. Once you have an idea of how these two mediums work then you can start to use them more confidently in your artwork.

Here Are The Techniques Used

The charcoal is applied into wet paint on the left side, and over dry paint on the right side. See the difference?

  • Wet-on-dry
  • Wet-on-wet
  • How charcoal lines dissolve/soften when using over charcoal
  • Knowing the results can help you use them confidently

What You Need To Know

Charcoal reacts differently when applying to a wet, or dry surface. Artists need to fully understand these results in order to take full control of their painting process. One question I ask myself all the time before I start to add charcoal to my work is 'what results do I want'? Am I after a bold, intense line, or do I desire a more subtle look. And I respond accordingly.

Your Goal

You now have opportunity to combine acrylic and charcoal by using simple shapes. Don’t underestimate to significance of this simple exercise. By only painting simple shapes you can better focus on how the two mediums mingle and not the composition itself.

Mixing Acrylics With Charcoal Basics Lesson