Mixing Acrylics With Crayon Basics Lesson


Mixing Acrylics With Crayon Basics Lesson

This lesson will help you understand how well crayons mix with acrylics. The video will clearly illustrate the two variations of how crayons blend when using into wet and dry acrylics. Once you know how they mingle you can start to use them more confidently in your artwork.

Here's What I Will Cover

The crayon is applied into dry acrylics on the left and wet on the right. See the difference?

  1. Wet-on-dry
  2. Wet-in-wet
  3. Understand how they blend to create more variations
  4. The types of lines you get when using crayon over wet and dry acrylics
  5. Knowing how they mingle will ultimately give you more control

What You Need To Know

As with mixing with charcoal the crayon reacts very differently depending on if it's a wet, or dry surface/paint. However, the key difference between charcoal and crayon is the crayon will blend much better into the acrylics. The results are a subtle change in hue. To master mixing these two mediums you need to know how they react in certain conditions.

Your Goal

Time to practice combining acrylics and crayon using simple shapes. Learning by simplifying will help you focus of the main lesson which is getting the most out of mixing these mediums. So grab some scrap paper and start applying acrylics and crayons.

Mixing Acrylics With Crayon Basics Lesson