Mixing Acrylics With Inks Basics Lesson


Mixing Acrylics With Inks Basics Lesson

This lesson will demonstrate how inks and acrylics mix. Inks are a fabulous medium for adding pops of color so long as you know when and how to apply them. This short video will give you the two basic methods for applying them and what type of results you can expect.

Here's What I Will Cover:

  • Wet-on-dry
  • Wet-on-wet
  • Understanding the transparency quality of inks
  • Hard edges when using into dry acrylics
  • Losing transparency when using inks into wet acrylics
  • Mixing inks with dry acrylics will create color blends

What You Need To Know

When mixing inks with acrylics it's very important to note how it reacts in dry and wet conditions of the acrylic paint. I recommend artists avoid mixing, or adding, inks to wet acrylic paint since you will often risk losing the beautiful transparent quality of the medium.

Materials Used In This Lesson

  • 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Yellow heavy body acrylic
  • Dioxazine purple acrylic ink

Your Goal

Try out these techniques using simple blocks of color – so doodle and avoid painting for now. Be sure to fully understand how inks mingle when combining into wet and dry acrylics. This will help you get the most out of your inks and mixed media artwork.

Applying Acrylics and Inks Demo Image