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Modern Abstract Cow Painting

Modern Abstract Cow Painting

Modern Abstract Cow Painting

This is a real beauty if you love unique modern abstract cow paintings. Painted with heavy body acrylics, inks and compressed charcoal on archival paper, measures 22" x 30". Quite possibly my favorite cow painting this year. There are many highlights about this painting that catch my eye but the one I appreciate the most is the cow on the far left. The face is loosely painted and only held together by the light strokes of charcoal, without them the girl would not make sense. A headless cow - not good. I also like the feeling of the nostril and the bold chunky strokes of golden brown that give a sense of light.

But as I mentioned earlier there are many areas that intrigue me. The orange underpainting plays a big role as well. If you look closely you will notice the color popping through in the cows as well as the foreground. The orange was applied at the end of a session by taking the paper and smearing it into my palette of left over paint. This is status quo for left over paint and my art tables are stacked with these abstract beginnings that make for a perfect starting point for my work.

Other areas of interest are the scribbles of compressed charcoal which were applied in one confident sweeping stroke. This adds some energy to the piece but I mainly use it because it feels good. To apply crayon and charcoal is something I just love to do. I also like the way it looks on paper. It doesn't always translate in a positive way but it doesn't stop me from using it. I think an artist should really pay attention to what feels good when they work. We all know creating art at times is a struggle, so finding methods of applying paint, mediums that appeal to us, palettes that put a smile on the face etc. are what I pay attention to the most. The subject and style I could care less about. It's the process of applying medium that matters the most. This method keeps my job fun which is when I create my best stuff. Hope you enjoyed the new cow painting.

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