Monhegan Island Landscape Paintings - An Place To Remember

Monhegan Island Landscape Paintings

Monhegan Island Landscape Paintings

Monhegan Island Landscape Paintings

These Monhegan Island landscape paintings are inspired from several trips taken while vacationing along the beautiful coast of Maine. These's something magical that happens when boarding the ferry at Port Clyde knowing you will soon be on Monhegan. The island is picturesque and loaded with premium painting subject matter.

The first time I visited I took all my plein air painting equipment and soon regretted it. The terrain is rugged and extremely difficult to walk with a 30 lb. backpack. I guess you could say I overpacked. The second visits I only brought along a pencil & sketchbook. Well that and a camera. This is a much better setup and allowed me to take in more of the island since I was traveling much lighter.

It's alway enjoyable to revisit the sketches and photographs. And I find it impossible to do so without breaking out the paintbrush to capture the scenery on paper & canvas. Monhegan is a place to visit and remember for sure.

The gallery below represents some of my favorite Monhegan Island paintings to date. I'll add more as time goes on.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.