New York City Inspired Paintings - These Almost Didn't Happen

New York City Inspired Paintings

These New York City paintings are inspired from all the Provincetown art I've been painting lately. I got a little burned out on P-town and figured NYC would be a great change since it's packed with pedestrians walking in droves. These pieces were all painted in one session. They vary in size but all are created with acrylics on paper.

Turning The Session Around

Even though I was very tired and almost blew off painting entirely I managed to be productive. It's a good sign when there seems to be very little energy to paint but once the brushes start working the passion kicks in and it ends up being a productive session. Really thankful I hung in there because I like where these are going and will do some more real soon.

Anyhow, thanks for having a look & I'll see you next time.