October Workshop Recap

 October Workshop Recap

October Workshop Recap

Online October Workshop Recap

The October online workshop 'Painting in layers' has officially ended. It was a four week acrylic and mixed media class designed to teach artists a variety of techniques for adding layers. It was my first time teaching this particular technique online although I have taught it many times in-person. Artists were from the USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia and Japan. That's the beauty of online classes - being able to connect with artists that I wouldn't have the opportunity unless it's via the Internet.

I have learned so much from ‘Embracing Imperfection’! You are a wonderful teacher!
— B. Bowick

Loved the workshop! Love your passion for teaching us and commitment to us as students. – Penny Cowan

The workshop included one lesson each week for four weeks and were delivered in video format with supporting text and images. Each lesson also included an assignment for the artists to complete. Feedback was give in video format based on their results. So they had ideas on where they were doing well and how they could improve.

There were some fantastic works below that the artists created during the workshop. I shared with you below. I'm very proud of the artists that stuck with it and completed each lesson from start to finish. I think they knocked it out of the park. I look forward to seeing how they take the lessons learned and  continue to grow from it.

Here are a few of the works.

GeneralRobert Joyner