Original Lobster Boat Painting

original lobster boat painting

Original Lobster Boat Painting Details

This original lobster boat painting is inspired from a photograph I took while vacationing in Stonington, Maine. Working boats have always intrigued me and Maine is a haven for inspiration. It's quite possibly my favorite seascape to date and I'm kicking myself for selling it. Oh well, hope it has a happy home.

Anyhow, I painted it over a reject using heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon. There's a lot I love about this little gem but my favorite is the red crayon scribble on the side of the boat. They don't really belong there but it's always the arbitrary additions that seem to make the biggest impact in my work. That's why I tend to start abstract and chisel my way into a representational painting. All the while I'm preserving little pockets of abstract qualities as I add the representational details.

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