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Original Winston Churchill Portrait

Original Winston Churchill Portrait

Original Winston Churchill Portrait Details

This original Winston Churchill portrait is created with mixed media on archival paper. Impressionistic painterly style and measures 22" x 24". Features lively strokes of earthy of greens, blues, browns and magentas. Portraits are a fairly new subject for me although I've been experimenting on and off for the last few years. Well, mostly off, so the time spent painting portraits is still pretty lean IMO.

Anyhow, I do see some nice breakthroughs in this one. The strokes are free, the palette is risky, but the outcome is what I would expect from my style of work. It's not easy to develop a new subject and I feel this is what separates the good from the great. The willingness to put the time in and learn from the mistakes. Kind of cliche I know, but it's very true. I know I've done a good job if the painting looks like it was easy to do. I'm getting there.

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