Painting With Acrylic Layers Demonstration - A Must Have!

How To Paint In Layers With Acrylics

How To Paint In Layers With Acrylics

Painting With Acrylic Layers Demonstration

In this class I will demonstrate the benefit of painting in layers with acrylics. This technique is how you develop paintings that have depth and interest. Without layers your paintings become flat.

What Are Layers?

Layers is adding wet paint to a dry layer. This technique of applying one layer on top of another is useful in building paintings that have depth. Conversely, one could paint wet-in-wet which isn't what I consider painting in layers since nothing is allowed to dry before additions are made.

The two basic layer types are opaque and transparent. You can learn more about those here. Depending on the look you're after, or the skill-set you have will determine the type of layer you apply.

How Can You Apply Layers To Your Artwork?

  • I recommend you start with basic shapes. a cube, sphere, and so on. This simplifies the process so you can focus on the technique(s). From there you can start with objects like a coffee cup, apple, etc.
  • Start the first layer by adding a base tone of local, or arbitrary color. This will provide a base for the next layers. Be sure to not put down the desired finished color in the beginning. You want it to save that for last. If you start with the desired end color than the subsequent layers will not add any interest, or be visible.
  • Add a second layer only after the first is dry. I recommend experimenting with a transparent layer and some opaque as well.
  • Continue with a third layer and perhaps use charcoal, or crayon if you enjoy mixed media. these mediums do not need time for this to dry so you can proceed with a final layer.
  • You can add additional layers accordingly. This is the basic concept of layers and believe me, they are powerful if used correctly.

Demonstration Images

Below you will see examples of what I demonstrate. The two versions include acrylic & a mixed media example(s). The class includes three video tutorials that span about 20 minutes. There are other advantages like learning how to apply the right colors, tips for adding details, working with mixed media and more. There are a handful of premium classes I would highly recommend and this is certainly one of them.

Finished Demo Image(s)

Painting With Acrylic Layers Demonstration

Version 1

Version 2

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