Pet Portrait

pet portrait commission

Pet Portrait Commission

I thought I would share a recent pet portrait commission. It was created for a collector and depicts her lovely dog 'Lucy'. It's painted with mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics and inks on heavy archival paper, and measures 18" x 14".

Artist Notes

It's important to get to know your subjects before diving into a 'finished' painting. This is exactly how I approached this commission. It started with some quick charcoal sketches and once I was familiar with the shapes I moved into some color.

I painted several pieces and basically rotated back-and-forth between them until I could connect with one or two that was taking shape. By painting several at a time this took the pressure off of trying to make one perfect. It also allowed me to not let one become too important, so they were all expendable. This method I use all the time in the studio. I have 20-30 paintings going at once and I rotate between them by adding little additions and then putting it aside to move on to the next one.

Eventually I had a few winners and this is the one the client chose. I told her about my process and she wanted to see the others. She ended up buying the others as well which was a bonus for both of us.

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