Preferred Acrylic And Mixed Media Materials


Preferred Acrylic And Mixed Media Material Lesson

This is an overview of all the mixed media materials I use and why I prefer them. So no assignment for you but there will be plenty of those later on. This is an important lesson to understand in order to follow along with the workshops and to create expressive, dynamic artwork. Having knowledge of the materials and how they work will help you become a much better mixed media artist.

I will also cover why painting on paper has allowed me to explore mixed media in a more relaxed state of mind. Paper is an inexpensive surface and far less intimidating to paint on than canvas, plus it’s very inexpensive. This little tip is more of an opinion but can certainly help you as well.

Here’s What I Will Cover

  • Compressed charcoal
  • Water soluble crayon
  • Heavy body acrylics
  • Acrylic and shellac inks
  • Paper options
  • Canvas options
  • Brushes

Demonstration Images