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 Free How To Paint Loose Tips

Free How To Paint Loose Tips

Provincetown Inspired Art

This is a recent exercise I did & thought it would be helpful to share. The idea is to create a tight sketch first which captures the main shapes and overall scene. The purpose is to understand the composition and structure which will ultimately help achieve the next phase - painting it loosely. Here's a breakdown of the two step process.

Step One - Construct

As you can see the first painting is all about constructing the scene as representational as my style allows. By taking the time to 'get to know' the shapes I can start to connect to the scene and better understand it's overall design. This construction phase isn't easy for a painter like me since my tendency is to whip the brush around freely versus trying to control the strokes. But I've learned it's paramount to the success of my art to complete studies like this one so that I'm constantly building my foundation.

Step One

Tight Study

Step Two - Deconstruct

Now that I've paid a few dues I can start to express myself. This is where I can allow my style and freedom of expression to come alive. Below you will notice how loos the scene has become especially when compared to the first one. This type of exercise is so useful for expressive artists and it's something I teach at my workshops and online classes. And the reward of constructing will actually continue to allow me to paint more freely. Seems like it wouldn't be the case but it works. So, I dedicate a lot of time, and more so recently, to painting, or constructing, my subjects. It's actually a great way to start the session.

Step Two