Richmond Virginia Landscape Painting

Richmond Virginia Landscape Painting

Richmond Virginia Landscape Painting Details

This Richmond Virginia Landscape Painting depicts a corner store that's created with loose brushwork and a colorful palette of magentas, browns, off-whites and pops of pink and light green, measures 36" x 44" and painted on gallery wrap stretched canvas. Would make a lovely centerpiece for anyone that appreciates unique cityscape inspired artwork.

Artist Notes

I've been on a cityscape theme lately and really enjoying the change of pace that also includes using canvas as my surface. If you are familiar with my work then you know I prefer paper, but will sometimes stray away from that in order to avoid those nasty ruts. For the first time ever I can honestly say I'm getting comfortable painting on canvas. It's been a tough shell to crack but I feel like it's starting to get to that point where I'm not intimidated by the pressure of creating a winner 'right now'!

I painted the scene over a reject as well which is why you see the pops of pink, green, light blue and teals. I use this method all the time with my works on paper so I'm understanding how I can make this work on canvas as well. I look forward to posting more larger canvas artworks very soon.

Hope you enjoyed the new painting and thanks for stopping by.

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