Rooster Artwork

colorful rooster artwork

Rooster Artwork Details

This abstract representational rooster artwork is created with a bold and colorful palette consisting of deep greens, blues, reds, orange and yellows on archival paper, measures 18" x 18". Probably one of my favorite rooster paintings to date, this beauty is loaded with fearless brushwork and untamed scribbles of crayon. As loose as it is there is still a lot of accuracy that plays a key role in holding all the abstract qualities together so the bird doesn't completely fall apart.

I paint several of these at a time so that none of them are too valuable. This allows me a sense of freedom that I can't get when focusing on one piece. By having several going my attitude is 'let it rip'. I use this technique all the time and the best part of all is not the one that becomes the 'keeper', but the awesome rejects that are left over that I can use on future paintings! So in the end nothing is wasted and the rejects have a strong, intense quality about them that will eventually become a winner!

RoostersRobert Joyner